Robinson Goss

Self Storage

On site we offer new “one trip” 20ft LOCK-UP CONTAINER SELF STORAGE available to rent from £35 per week* +VAT

These are on a tarmac hardstanding with CCTV and floodlighting. Self storage is on an uninsured basis so please arrange your own cover. While most of our units have air vents and a Grafotherm anticondensation lining, they are supplied unheated and un-insulated so may not be suitable for some items.

*prices subject to change – please check.

Call our office on 01608 663322 to check availability.



  1. All Storage Units are let for a minimum term of 1 calendar month, payable in advance with an additional refundable deposit of one month rental

  2. Deposit will be refunded on vacation of the unit in satisfactory condition.

  3. Part used months are not refunded.

  4. Late payments are subject to additional charge.

Robinson Goss